The Woman Who Doesn’t Sleep


She considers bedtime a challenge
It is a question to be answered
Will tonight be a good night?
Or will she spend it in competition with the sun?
Trying not to meet daylight with eyes wide open and brain on overdrive
There are many reasons she doesn’t spend her nights enraptured in the arms of the Sandman

Her brain refuses to shut down
It has a broken switch that only turns off once exhaustion hits

Her body doesn’t know relaxation
Her muscles knot and contort all through the night
She plays “find a good position” all night long
And even when she wins the game it doesn’t last for long
She has muscles that can’t unknot
And a brain that won’t quit
And somehow she is supposed to find the peace to sleep through this?
That is unlikely, seeing as she is not a magician or a hypnotist

Her stomach often growls throughout the night because eating is just one more thing on her to-do list
If it wasn’t a matter of life and death she probably wouldn’t do it
At least not regularly
When she does it’s only half-heartedly
Because she has to
Not because she wants to

This becomes a bigger issue
Because her body does all these important things while she sleeps
It rejuvenates and repairs
It restores and restocks
Though a car she is not
Her body needs fuel to do its 8-hour job of replenishing everything that is depleted throughout the day
Vitamins and minerals are what it craves
But her mechanics are underpaid
So they cut their shift short
And she lays awake
In pain

Pills are not a cure
They will make her fat and bald
Then they don’t even do what they are supposed to
She sees no reason to toy with addiction
When the risk outweighs the reward

A warm body and a steady heartbeat might help
But her husband is not a cuddler
He is also a stomach sleeper
From midnight to 8:00 am he is off limits
Truthfully, it’s mostly a comfort thing
Laying with him doesn’t always bring sweet, peaceful sleep
More than likely it will annoy him and make her feel bad
Because now they’re both not getting any sleep
So she lets him be and suffers through her nights alone

Sleep does visit her eventually
It’s just that their meetings are few and far between
And they don’t last as long as in her daydreams
It’s really not enough
And it makes getting through the day
Pretty rough
But she does it somehow

At some point, she finds the strength to drag herself out of the bed she barely slept in
And she goes about her day
The same as you
But in the back of her head
There is always the dread
of facing another night
of less sleep than she needs
Less peace than she requires
And more pain than anyone should ever have to deal with


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