Monday Muse-Corrupt vs Deplorable



Picture by Getty Images


I have not said much about the upcoming election because every time I think about it I get a headache. It seems to me that the choice is between years of corruption and decades of deplorable behavior. I cannot ignore so many inquiries and cover-ups. I can also not ignore disrespect and assault. I do not want my president to think they can get away with any illegal act but I also don’t want my president to think they can assault people, call people names and be a complete butthole.

So what do you do when your choices are both unfavorable? Do you say forget it and just stay home? Or do you make the hard choice and do the thing you don’t want to do?

I realize that one of them will become president and I can contribute to that or not. My not voting will not stop the inevitable. The thing that I think people are forgetting is that the president is just one person. There are hundreds of other government representatives that help make the important decisions that decide our country’s future.

There are congressman/women, senators, judges, county clerks, and assemblymen/women. All of these people make important decisions. There were many things that President Obama wanted to do that he could not get pass the Senate or the House of Representatives.

So don’t just vote for the president. I would even say if you don’t vote for the president okay, but do take the time to see what the other government representatives in your states, cities and counties are doing and vote for them. The judge that puts violent offenders back on the street may have a bigger influence on your life than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ever will. Just think about it!


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