Flashback Friday-How Not to Sleep



How Not To Sleep-05’03’2010

There are many ways NOT to sleep
Sometimes your mind keeps racing and racing and running
and you follow it around in circles
Trying to grasp a tidbit
that makes sense
but it doesn’t
You want to turn it off
But you’ve misplaced the switch
Or it just doesn’t work
So you play your mind’s version of ring around the rosie
until you mentally fall down

Then there are times when you fall asleep and something
that has been gnawing at your mind
wakes you
Maybe it was something somebody said that just didn’t sit right with you
Or something someone did that infuriated you
Maybe it was something you did
that you shouldn’t have
Or something you should’ve said
And now you’re kicking yourself for that little omission
No matter what it is
This tiny thing has woken you out of your sleep and taken hold of your consciousness
It owns you
and will not allow you the peace
To sleep

There are happy ways NOT to sleep
You lay awake with giddy anticipation of some big event
It could be your graduation
a special trip
or your wedding day
You try to sleep but there is too much excitement inside you
to keep your eyelids closed
and bring your heart rate to resting
You just can’t wait for morning to come
So you can get on with it already
But first you have to make it through the anxious night

You may try to bore yourself to sleep
By reading a boring book
or by watching the news
But that doesn’t really work
Not if you’re a real non-sleeper
You can lay in the pitch dark blackness of a room
with no noise
and you will be laying there when the sun comes up



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