I felt it slipping away and I feared it was never coming back

I thought it was gone for good

I looked for it

I thought that was it

No more drive for me

No more driving down the highway

No more driving my ambitions

No more driving him up the wall

My drive was gone!

Looking seemed futile so I quit

I just got up and walked away from it


Then something happened

Things changed

My drive made a reappearance

A cameo of sorts

It seems that it needed a break

A sabbatical

A hiatus

Because all that driving was driving me crazy

and it was exhausting

My burnt out driving was getting me nowhere

So when it slid away

When it hid away

and it was far away

I was concerned


But just like that

It came back

There was no big ceremony

No surprise party given

It just crept back in the same way it crept out

And the drive was back

The drive was back!


I can feel it pulsing through my veins

I can feel it working on my brain

I can feel it changing every part of me


What I failed to understand is  . . .

I can’t lose something that is a part of my makeup

Now, it may doze off and I may need to wake up that part of me

It may take a vacation and I will have to welcome it back

But it never leaves

It never goes

Not for good

It can’t

Because it is within me

It is a part of me

It is who I am

My drive is not something that can be taken away

It is something that I must cultivate, nurture and grow

But driving only works when you’re in the driver’s seat




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