Flashback Friday-Fast



He has a vision and he put me in it.
It didn’t take him five years or even five weeks
On our first date, he knew with me was where he wanted to be
I didn’t have to cajole or coerce him
He took the lead
Before we knew it we were an item
Falling in love at lightening speed
Things happen fast when there are no pretenses
No mysteries to unfold
When everything is out in the open and nothing goes untold
When emotions are laid bare
And actions match the words you say
Of course, things are gonna go quickly when you’re interacting every day
And there is no question 2 whether ur gonna see each other
Things happen fast when you’re on the same page and you want the same thing
When he’s already had a kid and bought a ring
Things happen fast when you’re not afraid to love the one you love
Whether they live around the corner or across the country
Things happen fast when you already know what you want
And are ready for it now
not tomorrow
Or next year
But today
Right now, right here
Things happen fast when you realize life is short and tomorrow is just a dream
Death is never as far away as it would seem
Things happen fast because sometimes that’s just how it needs to be


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