It’s Not as Easy as it Looks


Weddings are beautiful. Everything is so pretty and the atmosphere is so romantic. It looks like a fantasy.

Unless you have planned a wedding you have no clue the blood, sweat and tears that go into making this one day happen.

My husband and I decided in May of 2015 that we were going to get married. It took us until August 26, 2016, to get everything done so that August 27, 2016, would be one of the happiest days of our lives. It took 15 months to plan one day.

It starts, with the simplest questions: What are your colors going to be? Is there going to be a theme? What type of wedding will it be?

Next, comes the bigger questions:  When are you going to have it? What are you going to wear? Where are you going to have it? Who is going to be in it and what are they going to wear?

Then comes the important questions: What do you want to happen during the wedding and at the reception? Who are you going to invite and how many? What are you going to feed everyone?

The most important question of all is, how much is it going to cost and who is footing the bill?

Answering these questions is just the beginning. Once you have the answers then you have to start doing things. You have to ask people to be in the wedding. You have to make a guest list. Invitations have to be ordered and programs have to be made. Flowers must be chosen and bouquets have to be assembled. Decorations must be chosen.

You have to choose a caterer and a DJ/ band for the reception. A menu has to be chosen and a seating chart must be made. All of this takes time, money and manpower.

The day goes by fast and it seems like a dream. For some people, that dream was months or even years in the making.

So the next time you go to a wedding take a moment and appreciate all the work that went into making that awesome moment in time. Best believe, somebody went through a whole lot of trouble to make it the best day ever and it wasn’t easy!


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