Flashback Friday-No Words



Photo from quotesgram.com


No Words 4’19’2009

When he looks at me
(No Words)
I can’t explain it
I can’t verbalize it
I don’t know how to describe it
All I know is his looks melt my heart
They stir my soul
When he looks at me
I am under his complete control

When he puts his hands on me
(No Words)
It doesn’t matter the What, the When, or the Where
Only that his hands are there
On the small of my back
Around my waist
On my inner thigh
I can’t shake it
No matter how hard I try

When he kisses me
(No Words)
No nouns, no adjectives, no verbs
The mere touching of his lips to mine renders me speechless
Can’t say one single word
My vocal cords are utterly useless
If he ever decided not to stop
He’d turn me into a mute

With one glance, one touch, one kiss
He robs me of my words
And I’m okay with that


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