Flashback Friday- Loving Love


Loving Love-04’16’2009

I know all about your reputation
How demanding you can be
How you want everything I am
And won’t take anything less than 100% from me
I know you’re hard to please
While there may be times of ease
You are one tough customer
And that’s okay with me

I know that you can make life hard
You require I put down my guard
Even if it leaves me beaten and scarred
Having you around is its own reward

You may be hard to get
And even harder to keep
You may be the cause of me loosing sanity and sleep
But you know what love?
You’re alright with me

I’m smart enough to heed your call
I’m strong enough to withstand the fall
I’ll take a chance and risk it all
I can be everything love needs me to be
I’ve learned to love, love
Even when love don’t love me


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