Flashback Friday-Looking For Home


Looking for home-4’09’2009

The place of my birth is a vague memory to me
Not really a home
Just a place I used to be
The place where I was raised was a place to begin
It was a place to grow up
And a place to make friends
It was a place my mom thought we’d be able to excel
A place we had our worst times
And best times as well
The place where I was schooled
Was oh so temporary
Not a place you wanted to be from November to February
It was a place of frustration and distress
A place where I suffered from a constant state of unrest
It was a place that was bad for my health
But great for my mind
The balance I needed
In that place
I just could not find

The place where I currently reside is a means to an end
Its purpose is to put me in the position to get where I want to be
Its definitely not home to me
So where is my home?
I haven’t found it yet
I know God has prepared it for me
I guess I will continue to roam
Until God places me in my
Home sweet Home


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