An Ode to Falling Down The Stairs


There is something messed up in the mechanics of right foot, left foot, step 1, step 2 . . .
It’s like my foot decided to make its own step in the air

But when no step was found all I could do was tumble

I remember hitting every step on the way down and my back refuses to forget


The second time started as a slide and turned into a roll

It happened in front of the maintenance crew

You want to freak two strangers out?

Fall down the stairs in front of them and then get up like nothing happened

I’m pretty sure they told that story when they went home for the day


But back to these feet that can’t differentiate between stair and air

I thought I trained them to walk down stairs decades ago

But it seems they have had a memory lapse and my back has paid the price


I already had a fear of falling

Now I have a fear of falling down stairs in front of strangers

To think, the day before I answered the question, “Do you think you are at risk of falling?” with a strong “No!”

I think I am going to have to change my answer


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