Flashback Friday-Letting Go of a Good Woman


Letting Go of a Good Woman-04’11’2009

If it doesn’t take all day to recognize sunshine

Why does it take some men forever to recognize a good woman?

It’s not like . . .

You’re drowning in a sea of good women and don’t know which one to choose

It’s not like . . .

Good women grow on trees and you can just take your pick

It’s not like . . .

Good women are going around throwing themselves at your feet

Maybe you thought she wasn’t really good

She was just playing a part

But after 5, 7, 10 years

You knew her heart

You knew if she was wife material or just hot to trot

You knew what her motives were

Where her head was at

And what she was willing to do

Did any of that make you want to bring her closer to you?


Actually you withdrew

You put her off

And held her at bay

Told her to wait

Another day

Another year

But you were never clear

Never 100% true

See it was your idea

To keep her hanging on

Don’t let her go

But never commit

She won’t get you

No not the kid!

All those years she did your bidding

Cooked your food

Cleaned your house

Bore your children

But you never thought

To take her seriously

Appreciate her genuinely

Love her sincerely

She finally figured it out

Saw what you were up to

Got up the nerve

Took your kids

And left you

Now you try to find solace in other women

But none of them come close

To the love of the woman you want most

So now you’ve got it bad

Cuz you’re wishing, hoping, and praying

For the love of

The Good woman

You once had


2 comments on “Flashback Friday-Letting Go of a Good Woman

  1. Malaika Manchion says:

    Love it! You said that!


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