Weekend Thoughts-A Busy Bee


A Busy Little Bee

Last week was the busiest week I have had all year!


I donated blood and then went right to church for Vacation Bible School. I work in the Hospitality Ministry so I help feed the kids throughout the week. I had to be there around 5:00pm and we would be done between 8:30-9:00pm.

Monday night we served the kids salad and baked Ziti. Have you ever fed 50 people? It was very draining and that’s not even including clean-up!


On Tuesday, I had an appointment with my therapist. It was not anything special. We mostly talked about medication and my upcoming wedding.

I had to write my Relationship Tuesdays Post for my blog.

Tuesday night we made the kids taco in a bag. We took a small bag of Doritos and added meat, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream. They loved it! Clean-up was rough because there were Doritos all over the place.


Early Wednesday morning (8:30am) I had to get steroid injections in my shoulder and back. I was able to take a nap before it was time for me to get ready for church. I had to walk around with an ice pack on my shoulder so there were many curious kid questions to be answered.

I had a poem that I had written a few weeks earlier that I was able to use for my Wednesday blog post so that made my life a little easier.

Wednesday night we made them corn dogs and baked beans. Clean up was pretty easy that night.


I did not have an appointment on Thursday but I did have to write my Relationship Thursdays post for my blog.

Thursday night was pizza and ice cream sundae night. By Thursday there were over 50 people we had to serve ( kids +adults). It was hectic but the kids loved it and they really enjoyed the week. It was the last night so clean-up had to be very thorough. It was almost 11:00pm by the time I got back home.


I normally spend my Friday nights at my brother’s house but after the week I had I decided to stay home. I did do some cleaning and laundry but nothing too taxing.


I worked on typing up my book manuscript and I did some more laundry. That evening my fiance and I went to my brother’s house to install his new router. That took more time than it should have. We got home around 11:00pm.


Sunday morning I had to be to church between 9:00 and 9:30am. We left church at 1:00pm. I came home and crashed! I slept until 8:00pm. I woke up a few times to get something to drink and go to the bathroom but I got some very good sleep.

That was my crazy, busy week!


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