Flashback Friday-Dirt


I don’t know when I wrote this


You can’t do dirt

and expect not to get some dirt on you

Dirt is obsequious

It is cunning and conniving

You can’t just wipe your feet off

Or kick your shoes

And expect it to be gone

Dirt gets stuck in the grooves

It hides in the nooks and crannies

You take the dirt with you

Everywhere you go

As you walk around

You leave a little there

And a little here

Depositing your dirt everywhere you place your feet

For someone else to walk through

When you do dirt

It doesn’t just stay with you

It’s spread by the wind

Dirtying up other people

And pollinating them with your evil deeds

Your dirt floats

light in the air

But lays heavy

when it touches down

Dirt is not easily shaken off

It has to be removed with intention

In order to rid yourself of its remnant

Dirt has to be cleansed

Washed away

In some instances

scrubbed off

So don’t delude yourself into thinking

You have eluded

the dirt you’ve done

because it’s still with you

Clinging to you

Waiting for the flood to come

And release it


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