Forsaken By Sleep


I really don’t know what you have against me sleep

But for some reason, we can’t see eye to eye

I don’t think I have wronged you in any way

It’s just that our schedules rarely seem to match

When you’re ready for me I’m not ready for you

When I’m ready for you, you don’t seem to have enough time for me

Our rendezvous always seems to get cut short

You get up right after dinner and leave

When I was planning on staying for dessert

Nothing I do seems to be enough to get you to stay, just a little bit longer

I can’t trick you into keeping me company all night

You always have somewhere else to be

With someone else, I guess

What is it that keeps you from me?

Why can’t we just get along?

What do I have to do to keep you around for more than a few hours?

Oh sleep, why has thou forsaken me?



5 comments on “Forsaken By Sleep

  1. Wow. In general I prefer prose format to poetry but your elegant writing skill has made me to read it till the end…

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  2. Pea says:

    I’m sorry Bedtime I haven’t been around , I got east coast, west coast so I jump around town ..Your important to me , I know you need rest ,sweet dreams are waiting so I’m going to give you my best . Meet you at 9 pm don’t be late and all you have to do is have me a plate ..dessert not needed your sweet enough just a prayer or two for awake to come 💤💤

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