Flashback Friday-Dysfunction



We are like hapless players in a dysfunctional baseball game
I leave defeatist cleat marks on your skin
As I drag you around the bases
You throw me screwballs lined with comments of degradation and condescension
You pitch deception and lies that are too wild for me to catch
So I pick them up and throw them back
Hoping you will see the error in your ways
But you don’t
You just make sure to throw harder next time
I duck to avoid head on collisions with your vile words
But they scrape the surface of my skin
Leaving me exposed
You like to pick at my bare spots
And I show them to you freely
The masochist in me must enjoy the pain you inflict
Because I keep coming back
As if
You’ve learned your lesson
And things will be better this time
They won’t
You continue to spew your bitterness and hatred
And I continue to let it burn holes in my soul
Until it looks like Swiss cheese
And smells like fire and brimstone
Is this a hell you put me in?
Or one of my own making?
I think it’s a little of both
And the only way out is to face the demons we’ve created
Together we can end this vicious codependent cycle
You put down the ball
And I’ll stop swinging my bat 


Picture by Dorothy Waldman


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