A Rough Weekend


Back in the middle of September, I fell down a flight of stairs at my church. It was weird because I did not slip or trip. I was at the top of the stairs and when I stepped down my foot never hit the second step. I felt my back hit every step on the way down.

I went to the doctor a couple of days later and they diagnosed me with a severe concussion. I got over the concussion after a weekend of “full mental rest”. I was only allowed to watch an hour of TV or read for an hour a day. The rest of the time I had to rest (It got boring real quick). I never considered that my body which was already hurt before the fall would have sustained any new damage. Boy, was I wrong!

Two months after the fall I experienced a horrible case of Vertigo. I have never felt so disoriented. I spent a night in the hospital and had to use a walker for a little while. It wasn’t until after that (mind you this is months later) I started paying attention to how my lower back felt. I started getting this severe burning sensation in my lower back. On a scale of 1-10, it was a 9. That was when I realized something new was going on.

Unlike the Vertigo, the back pain has stuck around. It is something that I have to manage on a daily basis. If I do anything that strains my lower back muscles it feels like my back is on fire. It seems that almost everything I do aggravates my lower back. It can be cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry or writing. It makes my muscles scream but all of those things have to get done.

That brings me to this past weekend. Since Thursday, my back has been upset with me. I’ve had to use heat and take Ibuprofen every day. I walked around in a pain fog the entire weekend. Even as I am sitting down right now typing I am wincing from the pain. It doesn’t matter because blog posts must get written and my house has to be cleaned. So I will push through the pain, get things done and rest when I can. Happy Monday!


2 comments on “A Rough Weekend

  1. Fatma Amin says:

    Beautiful post . It made me nostalgic, going through . U inspire millions of women out there who read it ! Thanks for allowing me to do this . Thanks for sharing your story!

    Liked by 1 person

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