Silly Weekend Conversation

This weekend my 11-year-old nephew called me to tell me he and his family are going to visit a family member of ours. I live in Rochester, NY. My nephew lives in Snellville, GA and the family member lives in Charleston, SC.

Okay, here comes the funny part. My nephew said he does not understand why I will not be there when they get to the family member’s house. I explained to him what I just told you about where we all live. He didn’t get it. Now, there is a reason for this. I lived with my sister and her family for several years so I was always around as my niece and nephews were growing up. Even when they moved to Georgia in 2010 I spent months down there with them. I also lived with the family member who lives in South Carolina for about a year.

Back then I was single or in a long distance relationship so I could come and go as I please. Now, I am engaged and I live with my fiance. I can’t just go hang out with folks for months at a time anymore. Of course, my 11-year-old nephew doesn’t care about any of that. He is used to having access to his auntie and he does not appreciate not having that access anymore. My sister even said he asked her why I don’t live with them anymore.

Now, don’t get me wrong all my nieces and nephews love my fiance. They have been calling him uncle for years now. It’s just that they are used to me being a free spirit and falling in love tends to tie one down. My fiance and I both found it hilarious that my nephew thinks I can just fly hundreds of miles at a moment’s notice. You gotta love the mind of a child!




My 11-year-old nephew Ashton



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