You’re Not Hard


This is for those men who swear they are “hardcore” but at the first sign of danger, they run like scared little kids.

You’re not hard dude

I’m pretty sure I could scare you

If I cared to

But I don’t

So you’re safe for now

But you are not hard


I’m pretty sure I’m harder than you

I’ve got nine years of chronic pain under my belt

You act like a baby when you get the flu


This is how hard you are not

A stubbed toe is enough to have you throwing snot

When folks start drilling you “Yo Mama” is the only retort you’ve got

You whine and complain when it gets too hot

You sleep in your mama’s basement on a dirty beat up cot

You are not hard dude


Do you need more proof?

You’ve just got served by a chick who isn’t even 5’2″

and at this very moment she is laughing at you

Because you look like you’re gonna cry


And I’m just playing around

Imagine if I really dug deep down into my bag of tricks

It’s already clear that my wordplay is making you sick

Just do me one favor

Stop walking around like you own shiznit

Like you did

a bid

in the pen

and you liked it


We know that’s not you

You’re not that dude

You have a college degree

And even made the Dean’s list too


It’s okay dude

Just be you

You don’t have to be hard

It’s not a requirement

To get girls or money

But it will put you into early retirement


I’m all talk but on the street they’re all action

Talk smack to the wrong person and you’ll get a reaction

So let me help you out

And give you a clue


So stop pretending






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