Patience, Patience, Patience!


The post I wrote on Friday was about some of the changes I have been going through. You can read it here. This post builds off of that post.

My sister Pamela and I decided last year that we would seek out a word to focus on all year. Last year my word was “patience” and this year it is “change”.

I recently realized that one of the reasons I am having difficulty handling the changes in my life is because I am not practicing patience. Us human beings tell each other to be patient all the time. We try our best to be what we consider patient but do we really know what patience is? I think we (and me in particular) find ourselves in trouble because our definition of patience is wrong. There is a difference between being patient and being tolerant. I go deeper into that in a post you can read here.

My problem is I shifted my focus to the change and forgot about the patience. I am feeling anxiety and discontentment because I forgot to be satisfied with where I am while I am working on getting to where I want to be.

I must admit that I am in a much better place now than I was just a year ago. I feel good about who I am and I am much happier. I got so focused on my future goals I devalued my present. That is not an exhibition of patience. Patience comes with contentment.

My big realization is that accepting change and welcoming it comes through patience!


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