Silly Saturday Thoughts

elbow lickers

Yes I have tried to lick my elbow and I was about as successful as these two

For some reason, I seem to think of the silliest things on Saturday.

It boggles my mind how a person loses certain things. I have lost a bright orange shawl, a lime green workout shirt, a zip-up jacket, a pair of Spanx shorts and a box full of glass vases. They all seem to have just vanished into thin air.

Wherever they are I want them to know they are missed. Especially the vases because I need them for my wedding. I remember them being taken down into the basement but they are not there now. I really have no clue where they are!

My basement smells like a ham and cheese sandwich and we don’t even eat ham in my house.

P.S. I found the lime green workout shirt. It was in a different drawer than usual. No sign of the other stuff though!


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