The Lives of Women Part 5


This is my recollection of some of the run-ins I have had with males throughout my life. Most of these stories are about boys I never dated. They were just boys I knew from school. They all left their mark on me in one way or another.

The first time a boy touched my butt I was in Head Start. He was standing behind me in line. I said something to him (I don’t remember what it was) but I never told an adult. That was the beginning of a lifetime of being touched, grabbed and otherwise violated by folks with a “Y” chromosome.

In second grade, I had a friend named Margaret. I walked home from school with her and some other children every day. Margaret had an older brother. I don’t remember his name but I do remember him punching me every day. I didn’t tell my mother. I just started kicking him in the jewels on a regular basis.

In third grade, this boy called me a short b*%$#. We were in gym class. I grabbed him by his neck and dug my nails into his throat. He never called me out of my name again. We are Facebook friends now.

When I was in sixth grade, a third-grade boy disliked me for some reason I can’t even remember. He punched me in the face twice. I did not hit him back because he was younger than me. I did tell my mother about that incident. She talked to the principal and he was suspended.

Seventh grade was a rough year. I cried on the bus ride home almost every day. There was this boy named Anthony who was in my homeroom. He was too old to be in middle school. He was much bigger than all of us other kids. On more than one occasion he would push me down on a desk and grab my breasts and squeeze them while saying “Tune in Tokyo”. There were always other kids in the room but no one said or did anything. Thankfully, Anthony was kicked out of school early in the school year. I was not the only girl he harassed.

There was also a boy named Raheem who attacked me several times. He was known to be somewhat of a thug. He would punch and hit me. One time he tried to push me down the stairs. I think he actually liked me.

One day, this boy named Jiles walked up to me in the hallway and punched me in the stomach. I remember being so confused. I never said anything to him or anyone else about what he did. I just let it go.

There was a time when a group of boys in my homeroom were measuring girls butts. They talked real bad about me because I would not let them measure mine. Seventh grade was hard!

In the beginning of eighth grade, this boy started calling me his wife and he would walk me to my bus after school. One day he just stopped talking to me. He told his friends he didn’t even like me. My feelings were hurt.

During the second half of my eighth-grade year, I dressed provocatively and got a lot of attention for it. The guy who did me wrong in the beginning of the year suddenly started paying me attention again. We actually dated. This time, he publicly claimed me as his girlfriend. We were 14 and lived in two different parts of town. It was a short-lived relationship. He cheated on me with a girl who put out. I dressed like I put out but I did not actually put out so I lost that fight. What is funny to me now, is he called me when he got caught and he was crying. He said he was in a lot of trouble and maybe we will meet each other again later in life. I never saw him or talked to him again. That was my first real boyfriend.

High school came with a whole new set of issues with boys. I had a crush on a very popular junior when I was a freshman. We flirted off and on for three years but nothing ever happened. It is probably best that nothing did happen because I was way too young for him. There is a world of difference between a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy and I was not ready.

In ninth grade, a certain guy my age expressed interest in me. I did not believe he really liked me so I blew him off. That started years of torment. He told everyone he didn’t really like me, he was just using me to get to this other girl he liked. That didn’t make any sense because she and I were not close friends. We were cool with each other but I would not have been any help to him if he wanted to get to her. It’s funny that his story only changed after I told him I was not interested. I think I hurt his feelings.

He paid me back for it throughout high school. He would grab me and shake the crap out of me for no apparent reason. He terrorized me in any way he could. He even went so far as to threaten my life two or three times. Yeah, it was that serious!

I also went to high school with a guy I had a crush on from elementary school. He never really paid me much attention. There was this one time when he backed me up against a wall and tried to convince me to give him my virginity. My interest in him waned after that. What’s funny is, he probably could have had it if he hadn’t asked for it.

These are the things that girls go through all the time. My stories are not exceptional and they are probably tame compared to stories other women have to tell.





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