Silly Saturday Thoughts


I am so talented I managed to cut myself with a plastic knife. I cut through a bagel, a latex glove, and my finger. That’s real talent there!

Am I the only one who cooks and doesn’t want to eat what they cooked? It’s not that I am a bad cook. I just feel like after all the work I did cooking the food it’s a bit much for you to ask me to eat it too. All that chewing is tiring.

I do not eat chocolate. I was at an event today and there were several different types of cookies. Most of them had chocolate in them. Is it wrong of me to have taken twice as many of the lemon icing cookies since they were the only ones I could eat?

For some reason I have been having issues seasoning fish. I usually under season it. Tonight I over seasoned it. When I say I over seasoned it, I mean I really over seasoned it. There were hints of fish under the salt. So guess what I did. I rinsed it off. Yes, I took the salty fish and ran it under water. I’m not sure if it helped any because I didn’t eat it. I told you I was too tired after cooking to eat the food. Did you think I was joking?


2 comments on “Silly Saturday Thoughts

  1. Ilona Apel says:

    Don’t worry I often don’t even know what my cooking taste like because I don’t taste it. I am also not hungry anymore when I am finished cooking but my family insists that I eat

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