Flashback Friday-My Body is My Temple


My Body is My Temple-I wrote this poem back in 2006


My body is my temple and only those who are worthy can worship here

My temple is not open to just anyone who feels like praying today

Only a man of virtue is fit to kneel at my altar and drink from my holy cup

This temple does not accept serial worshippers

Those who jump from one temple to the next praying to whatever goddess is before them

My temple is only for those who can be loyal and faithful servants

Those who know that the beauty of my temple is not just in its ornamentation

But in everything it is made up of

To worship here you have to be committed and true

You have to respect my temple and promise never to defile or deface it

My body is my temple and it is sacred

To experience the wonders of my temple you must be chosen

You must persevere

Praying here is a privilege that must be earned

The work is hard and at times tedious

But the payoff is great

My body is my temple

Do you have what it takes to worship here?


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