That Darn Mental Health Roller Coaster . . . . again!


If you have followed my blog you know that my brain has reacted to almost nine years of pain and several years of medication in some interesting ways. I forget things. I misunderstand things. The fun never stops on this roller coaster ride.

I used to be on six to eight different medications to help with my pain and my mood. Right now I am only on two such medications. One of the medications I take is to help me sleep. Insomnia is a major issue for me. I have had problems sleeping since I was 12 years-old and adding pain to the mix just makes sleeping even harder.

I have a medication carrier that I use to organize my meds. Well, I got lazy and I stopped using the medication carrier and I was taking my medicaiton from the bottle. A few days ago I ran out of medication and I was not scheduled to get more until today. Now, I hardly ever run out of medication. I am more likely to have left over medication because I might skip or forget to take it a day or two during the month. Since I did not have the medicine to help me sleep I have had a rough few nights. Last night was the worst because I did not go to sleep at all. I was up at 5:00 am cleaning. I took a short nap but I still have not really been to sleep.

The crazy thing is I did not have to go through the mess I put myelf through this week. When I got my medication refills today I went to put them in my medication carrier and low and behold I had medicine set up for the past four days. Yes, I could have been taking my medicine and getting some sleep instead of feeling like a zombie all week.

Why did I suffer? My broken brain totally forgot that I had put medicine in the medication carrier. I was taking it from the bottle because I thought that was all I had left. It never even occurred to me to check my mediset to see if there was medicine in it. Yeah, I feel like a nitwit but I am trying not to be too hard on myself. It is just one more mental health conundrum I am faced with.


2 comments on “That Darn Mental Health Roller Coaster . . . . again!

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    This seems like such a human thing to do! Don’t beat your self up–but enjoy your sleep tonight! (In a clean house, too, I bet…) Thanks for sharing…


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