Blessed and Highly Favored


On May 05, 2016 I wrote a post called “Time for a Mental Health Check up“. The post was about a situation I had gotten myself into because I did not follow the directions I was given. For those of you who missed it here is a short recap: I receive services from an agency due to my health issues. I received paperwork from the agency about recertification. I read the paperwork twice but did not fully understand what they were asking of me. Due to me not submitting the paperwork they asked for my services were cut off.

I was very upset about the situation because I felt like my brain had failed me. I read the information more than once but for whatever reason my brain did not comprehend it. That is frustrating! Then, my fiance had to pay the bill that was not paid by the agency and that severely cut into our wedding fund.

When I realized what had happened I went down to the office to give them the paperwork they needed. I was told I had to request a hearing and even reapply for the services I had lost. I reapplied and expected to have to wait weeks before I heard anything from the agency. The government usually moves very slowly. I was told to hold onto the paperwork until I was given an appointment to meet with a representative.

I went to the agency on Tuesday. When I went to buy a gift for a family member on Saturday the money that I was missing was in my account. It was just there. That Monday I called to see if the bill had been paid. It had not been paid but the agency did send a letter saying they would pay the May bill at some point between May 1 and May 31.

Well, today I received a phone call saying that money had been sent by the agency to pay the bill my fiance and I already paid. That means that we will not have to pay the bill for the month of June. Remember, I never handed in the paperwork the agency asked for that caused them to cut me off in the first place.

There is no reason why they should have reopened my account. I have decided that it has to be because I am blessed and highly favored and I am 100% okay with that!


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