Who Are You Trying to Convince?


You should not have to convince someone that they are in love with you. If they can’t come to that conclusion on their own then you don’t need to be with them. Yes, it is really that simple and awfully difficult at the same time.

I went back and forth with a guy for two years before he decided he wanted me to be his girlfriend. A week later he took it back. I know you’re thinking how do you take it back. He said he had jumped the gun because he really liked me but he wasn’t sure he was ready for a relationship (He had problems saying the word relationship. We just called it the “R” word). I know you’re seeing red flags all over the place. I chose to ignore them.

We did wind up dating for a year. After a year, he decided he couldn’t do the long distance relationship thing anymore. Oh yeah, I left out the part about him living on Long Island while I lived 90 miles away in Philadelphia. Somehow, we came to an agreement that when we were in each other’s presence we were together but when we were apart we were single (It was really his idea I just agreed because I didn’t know what I wanted). I know that probably seems ridiculous but  it really happened. We went on like that for another year until I realized I didn’t want a sometimes relationship.

What it all boiled down to is I kept convincing him he wanted to be with me but he was never able to convince himself.


One comment on “Who Are You Trying to Convince?

  1. Truth is a writer’s muse. Awesome piece. I believe, ‘one should not have to suffer that which should be given.’ True love is reciprocated with alacrity. T4S


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