Flashback Friday-The Birth of a Poet


I wrote this poem on 3/4/2006 at 6:50am

For many years I have held the position that I am not a poet

But see, what had happened was  . . .

I can’t stand love!

But I’m in love with him

And that badass breakup

Had me picking up a pen


Now that still doesn’t make me a poet

Because anyone can write out of frustration

And anger

It doesn’t take much for an “I hate you so much right now!” poem

To be an outright banger


Now once again,

What had happened was  . . .

I went from hating love

To loving love

And the love I felt was so good

I had to write about it

Now some might say that makes me a poet

But I beg to differ


While writing about love does make me a sap

It doesn’t necessarily make me a poet

Love is one of those things

That makes people do things

They wouldn’t ordinarily do

So I’m still in the clear


Now, if I started writing about things

I see on a regular basis

Or the state of the world

Then maybe I could consider myself a poet


If I was writing about

The drama of living my teenage years without my parents

Or watching my mother die of cancer and a broken heart

Then I might let you call me a poet


If I was writing this on a bus

On my way to work

On a Saturday morning

And this wasn’t the first poem I wrote today

Then I’d let you call me a poet


Hello My name is Lynette, and I am a poet


One comment on “Flashback Friday-The Birth of a Poet

  1. Pea says:

    Yes you are !

    Liked by 1 person

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