A Funny Story

dentures in glass

Yeah I Did it and I’ll Do it Again

My grandmother told me this story from when I was about three years old. She was looking all over the house for her teeth. They were not in the glass next to her bed and obviously they were not in her mouth. She was frantically looking everywhere but she couldn’t find them anywhere. I do not know if she ever asked me if I knew where they were but I do know I did not volunteer any information.

After who knows how long, she finally found her teeth. They were strangely in between clothes in a basket of clean laundry. When she found her teeth in such a strange place she decided to ask her grandchildren if they had hidden them. The way the story was told to me is when she asked me if I had hidden her teeth I replied, “Yeah I did it and I’ll do it again!”. Now I have to imagine that my chubby little three-year-old self with the munchkin voice was hilarious making that exclamation. My grandmother must have laughed so hard she never got a chance to do the right thing and beat my butt. (I have a theory that God made kids cute and funny so they would make it to adulthood). I am pretty sure that being cute and funny has saved many a child’s life.

The reason I am telling you this story is because that statement has somehow become my motto. I am the type of person to say what other people are afraid to say. On more than one occasion my blunt statements have been followed by, “Yeah I said it!”. It feels good to own it and not shy away from what other people may think. You have the right to disagree with me and I have the right not to care. So the next time you read some crazy post of mine remember “Yeah I did it and I will do it again!”.


This little piggy hides people’s teeth


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