Flashback Friday-Run With Me


Run With Me- I wrote this poem on June 1, 2006

I move with the wind

Me and Superman must be related

Because human beings are not meant to move like this

I am on a different plane

In another world

You think you see me

But what you’re witnessing is an after thought

I was there ten seconds ago

Come on keep up!



Speed is not my goal

I move to the pounding of my heart

My feet hitting the concrete

Is my background music

I am a bird

flying, soaring even

Nothing exists to me

But the tree-lined street

The city air in my lungs

And the sound of my feet


I don’t even notice the guy fake jogging next to me

I can’t hear the “You go girls” and the “Can I run with yous”

You can’t touch me

The thickness of my thighs and the size of my butt are irrelevant

My curly, kinky, twisted hair is of no consequence

I am not a high yellow black girl

I am not quiet, shy and reserved

I am on a mission to fuse my mind, body, and soul with nature

I am a runner

And the world is mine



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