My Smart Phone is Making Me Dumb


My smartphone is smarter than me. It knows everybody’s phone number. A simple search will give me directions to my contact’s houses. It knows everybody’s birthday and anniversary.

Give me two minutes after you have told me your name and I will have totally forgotten it. I might know your phone number but that doesn’t mean I will remember it when I need it (It goes to the lost and found with the name of the lady I just met). Don’t ask me for directions because we will be lost together. There are moments when I don’t remember my own birthday so expecting me to remember yours (without technological help) is silly.

But my smartphone knows everything. It knows your name, your phone number, your home address, your email address, how many kids you have, your anniversary, the day we became friends, your zodiac sign, your blood type, your social security number, your arrest record and where you were last Thursday at exactly 10:22pm. Okay, I am exaggerating just a little bit. My smartphone doesn’t know your arrest record because those files are sealed.

Now me, I know your name starts with a “K” and I think we went to the same high school. No, wait maybe it was the same church? Hold on, what was your name again? See, I don’t have to “know” anything because my smartphone knows everything. I can be dumb because my smartphone is a genius. Wait, my battery is low and I don’t have a charger.

Oh well, I guess we’re both dumb now!



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