Silly Saturday Thoughts


My brain is always working and some funny stuff happens up there. I am going to share the silly things I was thinking over the weekend.

Why after a day of cleaning my house do I become the dirty one?

If someone asks me if they can ask me a question is it rude to say, “Yes, you just did” and walk away?

Why do children have a fit if you don’t let them help when they are too young to help but when they are old enough to actually help they have a fit because you asked them to do something? It seems so backwards to me!

Why do teenagers think they know everything when they know nothing? There has to be some reason for it because anyone who has ever been a teenager has felt that way.

Who made up the rule that being old gives you a license to say whatever you want to anyone and they can’t get upset simply because you’ve been on the earth for a long time?

Who is this “they” that people are always quoting? “They say to feed a cold and starve a fever”. Who said that? I have never heard any doctor say that. “They say opposites attract” but they also say “Birds of a feather flock together”. So who is this infamous “they”  going around spreading half truths and opposing sayings and why do we listen to them?


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