Flash Back Friday- Inspired


I wrote this poem back in May of 2010


They say a woman should inspire a man to be a better person

I don’t think I did that for any of the men I dated

I inspired them to lie, cheat and steal

To hide their inferiorities

Instead of improving

They chose to deceive

To keep their faults hidden from me

Although I told the truth

It didn’t make them want to be honest

Not only did they lie and twist the truth

They doubted my honesty

And accused me of the same

Dirty deeds

They were guilty of

It always ends the same

He doesn’t trust me

And I don’t trust him

He doesn’t like me

And I can’t stand him

He doesn’t want me

And I don’t want to look in his lying eyes

While his deceitful lips weave tales of

“You know I still care about you”


“I can’t stop thinking about you”


“Girl you’re so beautiful”

“Can’t we still be friends?”

To that I say

“Helllllll Naw!”

Just as I have not inspired you to be a better man

You have not inspired me to be the chick on the side

I will not watch sports with you

Laugh at our inside jokes

And hang out with you

Under the guise of you spending time

With our mutual god child

I will not enable you to keep a piece of me

While you hold onto your wife/fiancée/girlfriend

I am not inspired

to continue to shower you with love

you don’t deserve

You have inspired me

To show you the door to my heart

Walk you quietly to it

And lock it behind you



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