Flashback Friday- In Love with a poem

Every Friday I will share something I wrote at some point in my past. This is a poem I wrote at 6:50am on 3/4/2006 (Yeah I wrote down the date and time)


I’m in Love With a Poem

When I woke up this morning I was in love

Now this ain’t no ordinary love

I’m not in love with the boy down the street or my high school sweetheart

I’m not in love with those hot boots I got on sale

Or the guy with the nice smile who sold them to me

I woke up this morning and I was in love with a poem

Now let me tell you about this lovely poem

This poem is not a fragment of a thought or a piece of the puzzle

This poem tells the whole story without leaving out any of the juicy parts

I’ve read this poem over and over and over again

and it’s never the same

No matter what mood I’m in

This poem always gives me what I need

No matter how many times I come back to it

It’s always there for me

This poem is like a best friend I can lean on in any situation

It’s like the love of my life loving me back

This poem is like having my mother and father there on my wedding day

It’s like waking up to sunshine every single day of the week for the rest of my life

This poem is all of these things to me

And does all of these things for me

And I know it might sound crazy to be in love with words on a page

But I can’t shake it

No matter how hard I try to suppress it

It won’t go away

It’s been said that you don’t choose who you love

So I guess I am destined to forever be in love with God’s poem to me


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