Prompts, prompting the prompt of fear

word help

This post was inspired by Laura A Lord . She wrote a beautiful poem called “Our Old House” from a word prompt she was given. (If you click on her name you can read “Our Old House” and her other fantastic poetry.)

I have a bag full of words. It is not a big bag but there are 20-30 words in the bag. I wrote each word with the idea that those words mean something to me and will help me when I can’t decide what to write.

Although I was excited to do this, I harbor a strong fear of this bag. First of all, I have never used a word from the bag. I came close once when I picked the word “shoes” out of the bag but I decided I did not want to write about shoes, so it was returned to the bag, where it waits for me.

I am not sure why word prompts scare me. I think it might be the claustrophobic feeling of being put in a box. It is small and quiet and all I have to get me out of the dark is one little word. Prompts, prompt me to brain freeze and come up with absolutely nothing.

But words are what I do. They are my medium of art. I live and breathe words. Words are my @#$%!. I twist them and turn them until they become what I want them to be.

Well, until I am given one of them and told to make it into a beautiful piece of art. Then, the artist is tortured and the art becomes nothingness.

How do you writers feel about word prompts?


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