When Comebacks Go Right part 2


On Friday, I told you a story about a couple who were separated from each other for over 30 yrs but found their way back to each other. Today’s story does not cover that long of a time frame but it is still miraculous.

Story #2

A young couple has a son. For whatever reason they part ways. Maybe they are on again, off again as a couple. The woman graduates from college, she becomes an engineer, moves to another state and takes her son with her. The guy does well for himself but he stays at home. They both have other relationships. The guy has two more children, both girls.

The son becomes a great football player in high school. The father supports his son. In supporting his son the father interacts with his son’s mother. Over time, the two find themselves enjoying the other’s company. Whatever animosity they had with each other in the past is either forgotten or deemed unimportant.

Not too long after the guy has his second daughter he reconnects with his son’s mother and moves out of state to live with her and his son. The son does very well as a football player in high school and is scouted in his senior year. The father records every game his son plays and markets him to the scouts.

Not too long after his son graduates from high school the guy asks his son’s mother to marry him. She says yes and after being engaged for a year or more they get married. The ceremony is small but they invite their family and friends to join them on a cruise where they get married again. The couple is happily married and living their life together.

The point of this and my last post was to show you that sometimes the love of your life is someone you loved previously and let go of for some reason.

The love of my life went to the same school as me twice and we rode the same bus in high school. I never paid him any attention. Somehow God got us together, but that is a story for another time . . .


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