And They Keep on Coming


It must be that time again. It’s comeback season! For those of you who don’t know, comeback season is when people from your past just pop up out of nowhere. I have come to the conclusion that unless someone dies relationships don’t end. They are just, “To be continued . . .”

You might be wondering how does this happen if you haven’t spoken to someone since 1995, or you haven’t seen them since the last millennium. Well, social networking makes it very easy to find anyone. If you have a Facebook page the entire world can find you. A guy I went to high school with who was not even on Facebook had his friend (a guy I went to elementary school with) get my phone number for him. If you have had the same phone number or email address for two decades all someone has to do is text/call or email you when you pop back into their mind.

I have weathered a few comeback seasons. After college, my high school boyfriend kept coming back. It took me 10 years to finally shake him for good. A few years ago (knowing I was in a committed relationship) one of my ex-boyfriends who I had not spoken to in years, sent me a very sexually suggestive birthday email. I was so confused I had to ask my friends what to do. We decided that the best response was no response. As far as he is concerned I never got the email.

I think the busiest comeback season I had was in 2010. I was living with my sister in Georgia. One of my guy friends from Philadelphia hit me up on Google Hangouts. It had been three years since we talked. We video chatted and he acted as if no time had passed at all. He was in Philly and I was in Atlanta so nothing could happen between us, but he definitely tried to spark an old flame.

That same year the ex-boyfriend who sent the suggestive email started texting me out of the blue. My high school boyfriend started calling me and texting me. There was this guy I had a crush on in high school who I kept running into after I graduated. In 2010 we ran into each other again, but this time we were both single.  There was serious chemistry there but he started acting crazy so I left him alone. He has tried to reconnect with me through text message a few times since then but I shut him down. There was a guy I had a “thing” with when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. After I left Jacksonville we stopped speaking. Once he found out I was in Atlanta he kept asking me to come visit him since I wasn’t that far from Jacksonville. I declined. The strongest comeback that year was a guy I “dated” while I was living in Philadelphia. After not seeing me for three years he drove from Philadelphia to Atlanta in an ice storm to visit me. I don’t think any of the comeback kings can beat that one!

That brings us to last month. I was at a birthday party for a friend I went to high school with. Near the end of the party, my high school ex-boyfriend and his wife walked in. I was definitely surprised but I handled it well. Then the DJ at the party was a guy I had a crush on in high school. He tried to get into my good graces by making me laugh. He even found a sly way of asking for my phone number. I am engaged so I wasn’t having any of that. The most surprising comeback that night was a twitter friend request from a guy I dated back in 2006. Yes, all of this happened on the same night.

All has been quiet on the comeback front since then but, the comeback kings never cease to amaze me. Like I said earlier, as long as you are alive things do not end, they are just, “To be continued . . . ”

Have you had a similar experience? Tell me about it.



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