A Poem for Easter


My spirit is tired

It aches and it burns, It longs and it yearns

for freedom from the pain life inflicts

I wanted to set it free but I just couldn’t do it


My spirit is tired

It’s low and heavy laden

The air it breathes is thick

The water too deep to wade in


My spirit is tired

It longs to rest

It’s hard to keep going

But I won’t stop just yet


My spirit is tired

But I am not afraid

My liberty has been bought

My debt has been paid


My spirit can grow tired

But there’s nothing to fear

When I’m feeling low

His Spirit is near


When your spirit gets tired

There’s no reason for dismay

Remember he was slain and rose in three days


His Spirit does not tire

It is forever strong

Think back on the price he paid

and your weariness won’t last long


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