The Lives of Women Part 4

Moving with a shopping cart


Single mothers have a different life than women who have partners living with them and their children. My mother was a single mother for most of her life.

There was a time when my family was evicted from our apartment while we were on vacation. We came home and there were locks on our doors and we were not allowed into the apartment. I do not know the reason we were evicted. I just remember having to stay in a rundown motel until we found another place to live.

While we were staying in the motel my mother got into a huge fight with my stepfather and he left. When my mother found us a place to live it was just her, me and my little brother. My mother found a shopping cart and she put everything she could fit into the shopping cart. She put my brother in the cart and she had me hold onto the cart. I remember walking from the motel to our new place. It wasn’t very far but I was 12 or 13 so it seemed far to me.

When we reached the house she put my brother and I to bed on a mattress in the middle of the dining room floor. She locked the house up and took the shopping cart back to the motel to get the rest of our belongings. I do not remember how many trips she made before she got all of our stuff to the new house but it is an amazing feat to move your family using one grocery store shopping cart.


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