Three too many!



#1 couldn’t see straight

He had sight that was blurry

His spirit seemed vexed

And he left in a hurry


#2 talked a good game

But his lyrics were lame

He had no chance to win her

Though he tried to Jedi mind trick her


#3 spoke not one word

But his presence was heard

As he silently picked her

To follow on Twitter


#3’s journey took him too far

But his absence left her no scar

She did not long for his return

She was quite happy to let it burn


#2’s face she did not remember

Her relationship he tried to hinder

She walked away with no problem

In two steps she forgot him (again!)


Back to #1 who showed up unexpected

Situational awkwardness she rejected

She greeted him with a smile

With no malice or guile

And went happily home unaffected


once a day circle







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