The Lives of Women Part 2

This post is a conglomeration of situations that women I know (myself included) have found themselves in. It speaks to some of the things that keep women in bad relationships.

Hanging on When There is Nothing Left

He left you a long time ago

But you just decided to let go


He kept showing you who he was

but you kept ignoring it because . . .

You made a vow

But so did he

And what good is fidelity

If it’s not we

Just me

Not he

Not him

Just you

What good does that do?


You held on to the relationship for the relationship’s sake

But what sense does that make?

When the other person let go

A long time ago

And you are left holding the sad empty bag

Of a relation-ship

That sailed away


No matter what you do

It will not return

It’s gone for good

Just let it burn!


You can’t make something you don’t want

into what you want it to be

Either it is or it isn’t

Let’s face reality


It’s done

He’s gone

So just be through

There’s so much more out there for you

Just watch and see what God can do!


Now I did not set out to ruin your day

There is just one more thing that I must say


I need you to know that you are beautiful

No man can take that from you

He is not that powerful


So own who you are

And who you are purposed to be

You are a superfantastical woman

One day you will see what I see





2 comments on “The Lives of Women Part 2

  1. A superb message in a poem. It’s done move on to greater things.


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