So much weight, so little time

I suffer from chronic pain. It is a battle I have been fighting for over seven years now. I have taken so many different medications. Many of those medications promote weight gain. In a span of two years I gained over 60 pounds. I was gaining 10lbs every two weeks. I went from 114lbs at my thinnest to 180lbs at my heaviest.


It was rough for me mentally and emotionally. I was used to being petite and athletic and I found myself wearing a size 14. Now I know for many women a size 14 is no big deal but I was wearing a 1, so to go up to a 14 was huge for me. I also gained something I hadn’t had since I was a baby, a stomach! It hung over my pants. I couldn’t see past it. It killed my confidence and made me a little crazy (ask my fiancé. He’ll tell you).

The biggest problem was that it had nothing to do with what I was eating. So when people would say something about my weight like, “Oh you’re not moving around as much as you used to huh?” I would say “no it’s the medicine” and they would look at me like ” sure it is”. It really didn’t help the way I felt at all.

Even when I stopped eating meat and started walking I did not lose a single pound! That’s when I really got frustrated but there was nothing I could do because the problem was the medicine. I think that I even got to a point where I didn’t believe me anymore.

It was around September last year when I decided to start weening myself off of the six medications I was taking. It took about three months before I started seeing a change. When it happened it happened quickly. By December I had lost 20lbs. It was like it just melted off. Losing the pounds was nice but losing the inches is even better. Right now I am back in a size 8 which is okay with me. I have two medications left to get off of. I am not trying to be back in a size 1. I just want to like what I see when I’m looking at me when I’m walking past the mirror. I’m not there yet but I think I am close. What do you think?



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