Things That Drive Me Crazy- Let’s get funky with it

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and got slapped in the face by a horrible stench? Or have you opened up a child’s lunchbox and teared up from the smell of last week’s lunch leftovers? I have a very sensitive nose. I can smell different layers of odors in the air. Because I have such a sensitive nose bad smells drive me crazy!

Trash   trash-can-clip-art

On way too many occasions I have come home and opened my front door to an assault of serious funk. I am talking about that nasty smell that comes from trash sitting in a hot house all day long. That smell is awful and I cannot handle it! I come in the house and go right to the kitchen. The trash has to be removed. The garbage can has to be washed and the house has to be aired out. I have no problem leaving the house for a few hours to give the smell time to disappear. I just can’t take that smell.

Body Odor  stock-vector-body-odor-of-the-man-197564192

Some people do not shower on a regular basis and they do not wash their clothes regularly. When you are in your space you can do (or not do) whatever you feel. It becomes a problem when you leave your house and poor unsuspecting strangers find themselves in close corners with you. I was at a funeral once and the guy sitting on my right smelled like 100 proof liquor. That was the strongest smell I have ever smelled come from a human being. It was so bad that I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back I sat on the other side of my sister who was originally sitting on my left. I don’t know what he was drinking but it was coming out of his pores! I don’t know how he was still able to function with that much alcohol in his system. If you could get contact drunk I would have blacked out.

Halitosis (Bad breath) stock-vector-a-cloud-of-toxic-bad-breath-floats-from-a-man-s-mouth-194664395

Nothing is worse than having a close conversation with someone who has bad breath. This is the worst form of bad smell as far as I am concerned.You don’t want to embarrass the person but you really just want to turn and run in the opposite direction.

Now how you handle it depends on who you are dealing with. If it is a friend or family member then I have no problem offering gum or a mint (I keep them with me at all times). If it is an associate from work or someone you don’t know very well the situation can be a little trickier. My strategy is to pull out a piece a gum or a mint for myself and then ask the other person if they would like one, hoping to God they say yes!

Do you have any interesting stories about situations where you had to endure bad smells? I would love to read about them. Please share!


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