Maid vs Wife

maid 1


busy wife


The maid does what she is told.

The wife does what she must do.

The maid’s job is clear-cut. She knows exactly what she has to do and how she is expected to do it.

The wife is a problem solver. She has to handle whatever issue presents itself because there is no one else to handle it.

The wife can’t clock out at 5:00, 7:00, or even 10:00pm.

She is always on call.

Be it vomiting at 4:00am or a stubbed toe at 10:15pm.

Time is irrelevant to the wife. She has to come whenever duty calls.

The maid can call in sick.

The wife gets no sick days.

Be it, being the silent partner/accountant/manager and keeper of all receipts for her husband’s business

Be it, cooking for her husband’s colleagues who are coming over for dinner at 6pm and she was just told at 4pm or packing the entire family’s suitcases for vacation.

Be it, making sure her husband’s underwear covers more than his package and half a butt cheek or clipping his toenails so her bathroom doesn’t look like a murder scene.

Be it, picking the ingrown hairs out of her husband’s face or recording herself reading his textbook for school so he can listen to it on his way to and from work

The wife is every woman. It’s all in her!

I am sure there are some maids who venture into the wife’s role (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maid/mistress comes to mind) but when it’s all said and done the wife still trumps the maid.

When everything is falling apart, when the house is in chaos and the children are acting a fool what does the maid do?

The maid goes and gets the wife.

Who does the wife go and get?

The wife gets her mind right and handles her business because that is what we do!

(Oh and when the maid quits she doesn’t get a severance check or a pension. When the wife quits she gets half! And don’t forget child support!)

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2 comments on “Maid vs Wife

  1. Rokena says:

    Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful mind!!!


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