Writing Breakthrough

I am a freelance writer. I have written for a few different companies. My main employer is BlogMutt. I have been successful writing for BlogMutt in the past but for the past couple of months I haven’t found anything I was interested in writing about.

I made myself write about something I had no interest in and that was like pulling teeth for me. It wasn’t the best article either but I think the client used it because it was all they had.

BlogMutt has been sending me emails every week asking me to write for my past customers. I have been ignoring their emails. Tonight they sent one that was more than just “Hey you have clients who need posts. Where have you been?” The subject was “Are we still friends?”

Yes it was sappy, but it worked. I went back to the site and searched for a topic I am interested in. Months ago there was nothing related to my interests. Tonight I found a long list of companies who need posts about weddings. I am currently planning my own wedding which will take place in August of this year so I am super excited to write for these companies. It is so much easier to write when you have knowledge and interest in the subject you are writing about. It is also good for my wallet!


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