The Shack vs The Big House

key_art_versus 3

This post was inspired by my sister’s move from Rochester, New York to Atlanta, Georgia. My brother-in-law was expecting to get a job in Atlanta. Once he got the job they only had about two weeks to find a place to live. It was hard for them to find a house in such short notice. They called between twenty and thirty properties and nothing was available. At the last minute they were able to secure a house they had seen online.

When they got to Atlanta the house did not look how it did in the pictures. The refrigerator smelled awful, the dishwasher was dirty, there were holes in the bedroom doors (my niece said they looked like bullet holes), the kitchen drawers were broken. They were expected to pay $1050 a month to live there.

They had a decision to make. Would they stay in the shack for a year because they had nowhere else to go? Or would they decline the house and look for something better? After deliberation my sister and brother-in-law decided not to take the shack. Although it was the only place they had to live they decided they wanted and deserved better than what was being offered to them.

So the search was on again but this time they had help. A family member got them in touch with a realtor. It took a week of living in a hotel, maxing out their credit card and racking up a $400 bill for keeping the moving truck an extra four days, for the realtor to find them something.

They were presented with two properties. One was a townhouse that they liked. The other was what they called “the big house”. The big house had more than enough room for their entire family plus visitors. It  was a place they could grow into while the townhouse would have become cramped after awhile. It took a week from the time they drove to Atlanta to them moving into the house. This house made that first house look like a run down shack.

The Shack



The Big House


Look what they would have given up of they had just taken what they were given. Can you imagine how much faith it took to say no to their only prospect and go searching for the home they really wanted? We all have had times in our lives when we were faced with the choice of just taking what we are given or believing and waiting for what we truly desire.

The shack seems like the only answer when you are scared and confused. The big house is just a dream for those who can’t see past their current situation. For some people it is not even a thought because they don’t even know the big house exists. Which one will you choose, the shack or the big house?


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