I am “In My Feelings” Today

I feel like being vulnerable today. The term “In my feelings” is a way to say I am feeling something so strong I can’t help but share it, even if it is not the appropriate time or place to do so. So here is a very personal share:

We Did Not Have the Time

We did not have the time we should have had

We didn’t get a chance to discuss my first love and how ridiculous it was to cut off all of my hair

I never got to share my passion for people with you

You never got to throw me a Sweet 16 party

You never got a chance to scrutinize my choice in men

You will never meet the father of my children

No one will ever call you grandma, nana, meemaw, gramps, or gram

You will never get to share your parenting genius with me

And I will never get annoyed with you for telling me everything you know

We didn’t have the time

And we never will

This entry was posted in Poetry.

2 comments on “I am “In My Feelings” Today

  1. Why is my face wet?


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