Things That Drive Me Crazy- Bad Customer Service

Have you ever called a business looking for the answer to a question and the person on the other end of the conversation acted annoyed to have to speak with you? Or have you had a computer issue and had to deal with the jerk IT professional? Then there is the (insert profession here) who totally ignores you while they chat on the phone or hang out with their coworkers. These are just a few examples of bad customer service and it drives me crazy.

Here is my story. I went to a Ruby Tuesday several years ago when my best friend and I were vacationing in Florida. Our server was new and it showed. After waiting about a half an hour we were told that our order never got put in. So it was probably more than an hour before we got our food. When the food came we didn’t have any silverware to eat with (The guy had ample time to drop a fork and a knife off at our table while we were waiting) and that wasn’t handled right away. I believe we had to ask another server for silverware because our server was MIA. I ordered strawberry lemonade. I was brought a cup of lemonade with strawberry syrup at the bottom and I was told to stir it with my straw.

The server did apologize for messing up our order and said he would pay for our dessert. When the time came for us to order dessert he acted like he never said he would pay for it. To top it all off the dessert was nasty. We didn’t even eat it. We just got up and left.

That is just one of the stories I have about bad customer service. I know I am not the only one. Feel free to share your stories too. I would love to read them.


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