Things That Drive Me Crazy- Involuntarily Volunteered

It boggles my mind when someone speaks for me without speaking to me. Unless you are a mind reader you have no idea what my response to something is going to be. It drives me crazy when someone volunteers me to do something without asking me first.

Sometimes it’s small stuff like, “Lynette will pick that up from the store or Lynette sews, she can fix that”. It can be annoying but it is not a big deal. What really bothers me is when people volunteer me for a major project or some important event without clearing it with me first.

Here’s an example: One of my former bosses had an event he was putting together with several other individuals and he needed this 25 page packet printed out. He needed 50 copies. Instead of taking it to a place that does copying he volunteered me to print them out on my personal printer. This particular boss asked a lot of me so I was not entirely surprised when I was told what I was volunteered to do (In case you were wondering, it was a horrible disaster and he wound up having to get them printed somewhere else).

Now I must admit that I am a small part of the problem. I have a heart to help others. I am the type of person who will come into a situation, assess what is needed and get the job done. I am also willing to do the jobs no one else wants to do. This is a problem because even when I am presented with a job I was not asked to do, I do it and I do it well. So I am shooting myself in the proverbial foot, because I do not want people to just assume I will do something without asking me, but when I am presented with a job I did not agree to do, I do it.

So let’s recap: I do not like it when people volunteer me to do things without asking me first, but when I am presented with the situation I make whatever needs to happen, happen. Okay let me see if I was paying attention. It seems that in this instance I am driving myself crazy!


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