It’s so hard
When you’re trying so hard
And it doesn’t just look hard
Or sound hard
Or feel hard
It is H-A-R-D
HARD is such an understatement
Because it feels . . . 
Immeasurable, insurmountable, 
It doesn’t show up on your radar
It doesn’t give you fair warning
It doesn’t wait until you are 
It comes at you fast and HARD
No dilution, no chaser
All you can do is take it
You take what’s coming at you
You dip and dive as much as you 
You tuck and roll when you have 
You may even want to check out 
But you don’t . . .               
You stand your ground
You keep your feet firmly planted on the ground
And you point your head to the 
Because HARD is not in God’s 
So we’re really, just talking 
about life

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