His Words Of Pain

Today I get the pleasure of sharing the work of a very special poet. My niece Azaria is 17 and she is a great writer. You get the privilege of reading one of her pieces.

azaria 1

“His Words Of Pain” is a response to a tragic and hard life story of one of Azaria’s friends

His words pierced me in the side like
they did to Jesus that day
Only difference is it didn’t hurt
nowhere near the same
The sound of his voice numbed any
and every feeling that felt like pain
The formation of his lips comforted
the uncomfortable I had yet to gain
I vividly felt whatever his tongue
spoke to me
My eyes saw the words he anxiously
wanted to unsee
The pain he felt seemed to be so
atrocious that he fell on his knees
But he didn’t know who to pray to or
how to pray to them; all he did was
I saw the tears that he painfully and
strongly tried to accommodate inside
But I just couldn’t see passed the face
that he was hiding behind
He struggled with his words as no one
stood by his side
He grew weary of having no one who
tried to abide by his side day and night
The clenching of his teeth increased as
his tongue continued to sound
But he paused for a second and
seemed to check his surroundings all
A sweet and sensitive soul who grew
up to be treated like a hound
A comforting and selfless heart that
has continued to be bound
As his tongue clicked and his eyes
widened, his voice began to shake
Then the suffering from his words of
pain turned into an earthquake
There, he was never able to realize
what was real and fake
But he did all he knew how to do; he
never took but always gave
He smiled during his speech to hide
what his mind was going through
He hid himself from the world because
pain and disappointment was all he
Even when he said he had a
distraction for everything, he didn’t
really know what to do
Instead, he stuck to an unforgiving
world just like glue
I can’t help but wait
Until the moment he realizes there’s
going to come a day
A day where there’s luxurious places for
his head to lay
To lay down peacefully and know that
everything will be okay
His words pierced me in the side like
they did to Jesus that day
Only difference is, I was there to feel
exactly what he had to say


4 comments on “His Words Of Pain

  1. Pea says:

    What a talented and gifted writer! From Gods breath, to her thoughts, to our hearts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ANM7 says:

    Imagine what the output will be from this young one down through the years yet to come. Good work, commendable indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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